Galaxy Note 8 Rumours: New Samsung Note 2017 Expected price, Features

Galaxy Note 8 Rumours: Guys! There is great news for you all; there is a rumour about Samsung Note 8 released date. Since everyone has been waiting for this latest model of Samsung Note 8, have released in U.K already. So, now there is a rumour about launching in India.

I did some research about this product, as far as my assumption, I have found out some Idea about what will be in Samsung Note 8 features. While I talk about the rumour about Samsung Note 8, we already know that Samsung is one of the biggest electronic companies all over the world. Many people have been using this brand all over the world. This company have been popular and it has been long lasting compared to other mobile company, because of its stylish design and some special features which have been loved by millions of people.

galaxy Note 8 Rumours {Samsung}: Check out Complete Details 

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumours

Now, the next thing they are planning to release another model of Samsung Note 8 with three different models with special technology which is quite extraordinary as compared to note 7. So, I will provide you with a guide in this article, with detail information about Samsung note 8. But mind you, whatever I’m showing you is just based on rumours.

Expecting Features of Samsung Note 8:

As I was expecting, the feature of Samsung Note 8 will be different as compared to note 7. So, let us see the features what will be the assuming features about Samsung Note 8.

The design of the device:

As far as I assume Samsung Note 8 will have 6 inch 3D display touch screen, which will come with the better resolution of 4096*2160 pixels. I presume this will be much better than note 7. About the speaker, as expected will look much better than the previous model of Samsung. As you know that Galaxy s7,s7 edge, and s7 plus has a feature of 3D effect, but what I heard about the rumour is that Note 8 has the same feature of s7, s7 edge and s7 edge plus with 3D effect along with fine picture quality that comes with recording set.

There is a rumour that Note 8 will be same as Note 7 but with a slightly bigger screen as compared to note 7. The memory storage of this device will be expected 6GB RAM internal storage; this includes Qualcomm 830SoC Snapdragon processor.


As a Samsung user, they have always provided pretty good camera quality especially when it comes to the front camera. I would say they have never disappointed the users, well, I would say especially for the selfie lovers, who love to click their pictures. Samsung has also come up with the technology called “dual pixel”, every pixel that has some sensor with two photodiodes.

Through this camera, you will get faster focus to capture some photos with fine quality.

Battery Backup:

The expected battery backup of note 8 will be long lasting.  Samsung has been known because of its long lasting battery backup. Samsung has kept on updating and improving the battery quality not only that it will also be featured with the latest technology. Samsung Note 8 as expected to have 4200mah capacity and it is expected about the colour of the phone will come in two which is White and Black.

Expected price of Samsung Note Galaxy 8:

In today’s generation, Samsung has raised the bar of the competition with the other electronic appliances. So, many people have supported the companies and have been used by many people, they have been trying to keep its price to be competitive. So, there is a rumour about the price of Samsung Note 8, which they are going to launch at the same date of Apple iPhone 7 which is expected nearly $850 and if I assume in Indian rupee will be higher than the price of Note 7 which will somewhat 59.571.

I have already told that this article is based on the rumours about the Samsung Note 8, which will be expected to release soon and the price rate will be same as the previous product Samsung Note 7. However, Samsung has been providing the price rate of their previous product at an affordable price, so what we expect from this new model of Samsung Note 8 to be at a reasonable price, which can make the users satisfied with the price and will be affordable.



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